About US

Aura and Chakra Video Photography is located in Northern Illinois, on the Illinois and Wisconsin Stateline.

We are a holistic resource, promoting Body - Mind - Spirit

integration via

Computer Biofeedback &

Advanced Auric Sciences,

with Vibrational

and Energetic Medicine.

Our premier service captures in

Real-Time the

Active Aura, and associated

Chakra Centers

in full color motion with

an analysis and explanation of each.

Every session generates still images as well as live video of the

" Living Aura "

which can be saved onto a CD disk.

This CD is playable on any computer.

Aura and Chakra Video Photography is indeed a powerful visual tool.

It enables us to not only see

the current state and condition

of our Human Bio-field, but also

see how this bio-field responds to various stimuli such as smells, sound, meditation, energy therapy, etc.

In addition,

we offer a Harmonic Spectrum

of additional Biofeedback

and Holistic programs which will help to facilitate and restore

the Human Instrument

to its own specific

" Manufacturers Specifications ".

Aura Photography, Illinois Aura Photography

Illinois Aura Photography

Aura and Chakra image with

Biofeedback graphs & charts.

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